Janie Tomasek

Hello! My name is Janie Tomasek and I am excited to be teaching Art and P.E. for my first year on this side of San Tan Recker Campus. Last year I was an Assistant in the Toddler classroom in the [...]

Marty Stevens

I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. I moved to Arizona in 1976. Have one son. After my husband passed away went to College to receive my degrees in health care. Managed Assisted Livings [...]

Jodi McArthur

Hi, my name is Jodi McArthur and this is my 9th year working here at San Tan Charter School. Before I started at San Tan, I was a full time mom to my 6 beautiful children, who have since grown [...]

Kami Kerby

Hello! I’m Kami Kerby. I love teaching kids music! I believe all children are musical, and when they are exposed to music and given fun age-appropriate ways to experiment with making music [...]

Brigette Heller

Brigette Heller started her career young as an entrepreneur at the age of 18. She took her company from a small hair cart in a mall to several larger store fronts in multiple states.  After her [...]

Jeanne Evans

I believe in the mission of charter schools and their ability to support their teachers and students in a family atmosphere. Once my kids were in a charter school, I loved it as a parent.  I [...]

Kyli Crooms

Hello! My name is Kyli Crooms, I am excited to be teaching K-7th Grade PE for the second year at STCS. 2018-19 was a fantastic year where I got to watch my students grow in their athletic ability [...]

Carli Antolos

My name is Carli Antolos and I am a Special Education Assistant at San Tan Recker campus. This is my third year working at San Tan, and my 6th year being a part of the San Tan Community. I have a [...]

Andrew Rissler

I started started working at San Tan 7 years ago as the school’s Technology Director. I’ve been supporting teachers and studens with technology successuly inside and outside the [...]

Nicole Tatum

My name is Nicole. I grew up in Arvada, Colorado and moved to Gilbert 20 years ago. I have two children. Taylor is 12 years old and is in 6th Grade. Blake is 11 years old and is in 5th Grade. I [...]