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Welcome Parents and Families! Here are quick links to frequently used information.

Campus Portal

At San Tan Charter School we are committed to safe student information management. To assist us with this we’ve chosen Infinite Campus as our Campus Portal.

What is the Campus Portal?

Campus Portal is our tool for parents and students to access instant, online, timely and secure student information: class schedule, assignments, attendance, discipline, course registrations for next year, report cards and transcripts.

Campus Portal is a means to further promote educational excellence by enhancing our program of communication with parents and students.

Confirm Your Student Spot Today.

Existing Student Registration Deadline is January 20, 2020.

Use the Registration Check List or follow the links below to complete the required online registration and 4 required student documents.

  1. Log into your Campus Portal. Go to “More” and then “Online Registration.”  Tutorial Available
  2. Student Application
  3. Student Handbook Acknowledgment
  4. PHLOTE Form – (Primary Home Language Other Than English)
  5. ESEA Form – (Elementary and Secondary Education Act)

Based on your students program, additional documents may be required. Please review and update as needed.

Forms can be returned to the campus front desk or emailed to

Confirm Your Student Spot Today.

Use the Registration Check List or follow the links below to complete the required online registration and required student documents.

  1. Log into your Campus Portal. Go to “More” and then “Online Registration.”  Tutorial Available
  2. Enrollment Agreement
  3. Student Application
  4. Family Handbook Acknowledgment
  5. EII Form (Emergency, Information, Immunization)
  6. Credit Card Agreement

Optional Form

Forms can be returned to the campus front desk or emailed to Ms. Icke at

Recker Academic Success Kit  (Grades K – 6)

The Recker Academic Success Kit (RASK) includes the following items for $15 per student

  1. School Agenda- School
  2. School Communication Folder
  3. PBIS Rewards
  4. Data Tracking Kit

Full Day Kindergarten Tuition

San Tan Charter School has a 10-month academic year for all classes. Full Day Kinder Tuition is based on the full year’s tuition amount of $3000.00, which has been divided into 10 equal monthly payments of $300.00 for your convenience. Tuition for the first month in the amount of $300 is paid at the time of registration.


Our Recker Campus (PreK – 6) has partnered with Intentional Foods to provide hot lunch options to our families.  Pre-ordering will be required through provided ordering links, sent within your Principal weekly emails.

All foods are not only gluten free, but free from peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, seafood, shellfish, soy, and sesame. All sauces and dressings are vegan and made from scratch.

Meal prices range from $5 – $9, varying based on meal size and protein options.

We are excited to announce that at the Power Campus, we have partnered with My Hot Lunchbox, a new lunch program that you will find easy to use and a much more robust menu choice for our secondary students.

1st time user – Select “Create an Account” to be redirected to the Parent Sign Up page. You will add “San Tan Charter School Power Campus” to the account when adding your student(s). For detailed instructions on setting up your new account please download the set up guide.

9-12th Grade: Each student is assigned a Google Chromebook to utilize throughout the school year. It is provided to support the learning objectives of San Tan Charter School and is intended for educational purposes only. The laptop may be leased from the school at a cost of $250.00 per year. Students also have the option to use their own device as long as it is one on the 2020-2021 List of Approved Devices. If a student chooses to bring their own device from this list, there will be a one-time registration fee of $50. This fee will cover the cost to register the device with San Tan and limit its use for anything except educational purposes.

At Registration, a minimum of $50 is due along with the completed technology agreement. Payment options include Full Payment of $250, Half Payment of $125, and Partial Payment of $50. The full technology payment of $250 is due by the start of school. If a student chooses to bring their own approved device, they will only be charged $50. If students are unable to pay any of these fees, we offer scholarships to help cover the cost. Click here for a fillable copy of our scholarship form. If students choose to bring their own devices, they will need to schedule a time to register the computer with the IT department before they can use the device on-campus.

7-8th Grade: Historically, 7th and 8th grade students at San Tan Charter are not assigned 1:1 technology. If a student is in need of a laptop to use for our Hybrid or Home-Based education models, families can request technology to be checked out from the school. There is a limited number of laptops available for check-out and these devices will be assigned on a first come first served basis. Laptops will need to be returned when a student is enrolled in the on-campus experience. At the time of check-out, a credit card must be left on file and will be charged $300 if not returned.

San Tan Charter School is a close-knit community that feels like a family. As a tuition-free public charter school, we receive funding from the State of Arizona similar to a traditional public school. However, public charter school students traditionally receive 20% less than what is given to district public schools due to not receiving city property tax money.

Our families can contribute in many ways to support our students and athletics.

Below are some programs that were supported by the Arizona Tax Credit Program:

  • Culinary Arts: Restaurant quality cutlery, pots/pans, additional shelving and supplies for the classroom
  • Fine Arts: Music for concerts, playbills, programs, paint, art supplies, and sound equipment
  • Full Day Kindergarten Scholarship Grants
  • Health Care Supplies
  • Playground Equipment