STCS Distance Learning Information

During these unprecedented times, the San Tan Charter School Special Education Department leans on our collaborative partnership now more than ever. In these initial weeks of distance learning, our goal is to engage students and families in the learning process, while providing some consistency and personalized connections. San Tan Charter School Special Education Department will continue to respond to and incorporate the guidance of our state and federal agencies, as we define the new normal of special education services in a distance learning world. Throughout these weeks ahead, we encourage you to reach out to us with your questions and concerns. We will do our best in this time of uncertainty to problem-solve with and/for you and your child.

There will be different resources to support students with disabilities and address IEP goals and objectives to the greatest extent possible during these ever-evolving circumstances. Your child’s special education teacher will work collaboratively with general education colleagues to provide access to the distance learning opportunities. This may occur through adjustment to instruction and resources while providing needed accommodations and modifications.

Finally, during these initial weeks of distance learning, we will be defining our related service delivery implementation. Your case manager/special education teacher will be in touch with you to discuss these developments.

We thank you for your continued communication, support, understanding, and flexibility. We care about your child and are invested in each student’s success.