STCS Distance Learning Information

Google Classroom will be the platform used to engage our middle school students in distance learning. Over time, other Google apps may be used as part of the distance learning experience for students.

Our middle school teachers will be providing a general overview of the proposed plan for their specific class during this first phase of implementation. Each teacher will post daily work through a teacher message, personally connecting with students and providing clarity of work. This will be posted by 9:00 AM weekly on Google Classroom. As we launch this platform for learning, this work is intended to review previously taught concepts that students should be able to complete with limited adult support. However, should students need assistance, teachers will be posting “office hours” from 9am-3pm, when they will be available for clarifications and questions.

During this first phase, the continuity of learning inclusive of content, and student work time (including homework) will not exceed 30 minutes/day for each course. Over the course of this initial implementation of distance learning, teachers will be checking for student understanding and completion of work. It is expected that students will participate in the daily work and electronically submit assignments, as needed. All of our teachers will keep track of student work and will provide timely feedback to students.

Teachers will do their best to provide all required resources in an online format through Google Classroom, along with any necessary supplemental materials such as independent reading, reflection protocols, and/or reference to textbooks.

Information on this page will continue to be updated as our Distance Learning Plan evolves.



9AM Lesson Posted

3PM Grades Updated in I.C. from Previous Week


11:59PM Activity 1 due from student


3PM Feedback Given/Grades updated in I.C.


11:59PM Activity 2 due from student


3PM Feedback Given/Grades updated in I.C

11:59PM Weekly Product Due from student