STCS Distance Learning Information

The purpose of our initial elementary Distance Learning Plan is to provide continuity of learning for our students. Google Classroom will be the platform used to engage our elementary school students in distance learning. Over time, other Google apps may be used as part of the distance learning experience for students.

Our elementary school teachers will be providing a general overview of the proposed plan for their specific class during this first phase of implementation. Each teacher will post daily work through a teacher message, personally connecting with students and providing clarity of work. This will be posted by 9:00 AM a weekly on Google Classroom. As we launch this platform for learning, this work is intended to review previously taught concepts that students should be able to complete with limited adult support. However, should students need assistance, teachers will be posting “office hours” from 9am-3pm, when they will be available for clarifications and questions.

During these uncertain times, it is important to promote social and emotional connections between your child and their teacher. Therefore your child’s teacher will be reaching out periodically to maintain personal connections along the way.

Routines can provide consistency and a sense of security for children during periods of disruption. We encourage you to consider the plans below as a possible option to provide structure for your child while we are participating in Distance Learning. If possible, please involve your child in the creation of their daily schedule, as bringing them into the planning will increase ownership and a joy for learning. Consider the importance of finding a balance between using technology and engaging in unplugged learning experiences (cooking, crafts, exploring nature, etc.).

Information on this page will continue to be updated as our Distance Learning Plan evolves.