Michelle Myers

Michelle Myers

Montessori 1st-3rd Grade Teacher

My Why Story

From the moment I became a mom 21 years ago, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. My first child struggled to speak and I spent years working with speech pathologists at Duke University to help him overcome the challenges of Apraxia of Speech. The day he read the first page of Harry Potter aloud to me, I developed a massive passion for helping children learn to read.

I homeschooled my children supporting their passions for exploring the world around them as we traveled the country.  I have taught reading support for over 10 years. Last year I was an assistant kindergarten teacher and a substitute.

I have studied at Grand Canyon University to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education k-8 and I’m in the last couple of credits to adding a reading specialty. I have taken courses with AMI and NAMC for Montessori education.

This will be my first year at San Tan Charter School teaching in the Montessori program.