Sydney Burdeno

Sydney Burdeno

Director, Projects and Development/Human Resources

My Bio

Hi, my name is Sydney and I am the Director of Projects and Development/Human Resources for San Tan Charter School.  I have been working in the education field for over 6 years in various capacities.

I am very excited to be with the San Tan community for my third year and love the positivity that surrounds me daily.

I moved with my husband to Arizona about 4 ½ years ago and have loved exploring this state.  We have a dog and a cat who are the best of friends, and have a 1 year old who is a part of the San Tan community.  We love having our little guy grow up with the best teachers and community.

Birthday: July 7

These are A Few Of My Favorite Things…..

Color(s): Yellow

Flower(s): Sunflower, Daisies 

Healthy Snack(s): Nut Thins and Hummus 

“Junk Food” Treat(s): Salt and Vinegar chips 

Drink(s): Unsweetened Iced Tea

Scent(s)/Essential Oil(s): Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint 

Game(s): Rummikub 

Sit-Down Restaurant(s): Buffalo Wild Wings 

Fast Food Restaurant(s): In n Out, Taco Bell 

Place(s) to Receive a Gift Card: Amazon, Target 

Most used school/office supply: Post Its 

What I would really like is: Candles, gift cards, anything cooking related 

Heroes: My mother 

Hobbies: Camping, Reading, going to the river