Crystal Claytor

Crystal Claytor

Special Education Teacher 7th-12th
  • Ohio University, NAU-Yuma, Arizona Western, Grand Canyon, Rio Salado
  • BS of Special Ed k-12, Masters of Ed/Multicultural Studies, course certificates
  • (480) 222-0811

My Bio

It is my opportunity to help students learn to find and use their resources to aid them in everyday living, create an atmosphere for positive experiences and leave a legacy that others will be able to bank on for the rest of their days and generations to come and hopefully to become productive citizens who give back to their communities.

One student WILL become President of the U.S., or speak to issues to take to the President (s) of all countries, another WILL win the Nobel Peace Prize, become that lawyer, chef, doctor, and yet another WILL top the music or athletic charts and so much more.   Some WILL become the writers of books, magazines, newspapers; leaders in Congress; or directors of those favorite T.V. shows we love to watch.  Surely, whatever each student chooses to do, his or her success will be passed from generation to generation; thus, will my ideas and dreams be fulfilled.

I started out my journey in the country and went to the big city.  I played clarinet in the band, and at one time the oboe and cello.  What I really wanted to play was the harp.  I went from concert band, to orchestra, onto marching band, then symphonic band and PEP band from grade school through college.  Started at college as a Music Therapist and changed to Special Education. I do not play instruments anymore, but I have a heart for music.

I have a B.S. in Special Education K-12, and MA in Ed/Multicultural Studies. I also have a Structured English Immersion K-12 Certification and a Care Giver’s Certificate.

I wanted to be a nun, but gave that up at 10 years old because of my love for children.  I have two; three grandchildren from my son and my daughter has 12 god-children.  Started in Ohio and now I am in Arizona.  I have worked in Special Education for over 40 years Certified and 3 years before that uncertified while working on my degree, and look forward to a Prayer Chapel one day.

I love hot chocolate, hiking, fireplace, travel, making a snow man which haven’t done since I moved to Az in 88, writing books, a good movie, sports, HGTV, live performances through the Arts, Survival & Nature shows, listening to good music, fine dining, and would love to climb mountains again one day to name a few things.  Took canoe training once and would love to learn to drive a small boat.

I have worked in residential homes (children), behavioral treatment centers (K-12), volunteered in mental health institutions (adults) and currently work with handicap adults as a Care-Giver on the weekends.  I have taught in incarcerated institutions (juveniles) and taught at all levels of school; High School, Junior High, and the Elementary Level. Currently at the 7-12th grade level.

I like making sure students and adults do the impossible, become confident and excel, and working with parents to help turn impossible situations around!  Empowerment!  I Love Life!

Birthday: May 18th

These are A Few Of My Favorite Things…..

Color(s):  lavender, yellow, royal blue, apricot

Flower(s):  yellow ones

Healthy Snack(s): Sunbutter cups at Trader Joes; grape or watermelon licorice

“Junk Food” Treat(s): egg rolls from Jack-n-the box; Doritos, Tortilla Chips, lemon filled donuts from Bosa Donuts, Lemon loaf cake & Lime-coconut bar from Starbucks,

Drink(s): Lemonade, Grape, Rootbeer, Cranberry Sprit

Scent(s)/Essential Oil(s): cinnamon/vanilla mix or chamomile and lavender mix, or lavender, vanilla

Game(s): monopoly, word games

Sit-Down Restaurant(s): Applebees, Lynn’s,

Fast Food Restaurant(s): Someburros for their bean and cheese burritos

Place(s) to Receive a Gift Card: Trader Joes, Sprouts, Frys, Bashes

Most used school/office supply: sticky notes, pens

What I would really like is: a clock for my wall

Heroes:  God; my children, friends I hold dear and those who love to pray and intercede for others

Hobbies: writing, reading, encouraging and empowering people, travel, taking pictures, listening to music, going to museums, looking at art work, and when I can walk again without pain going to Boyce Thompson Arboretum to hike the trails or other places to enjoy the view and work out again, visit the water sites. Etc….