Stefany Gustafson

Stefany Gustafson

5th Grade Math and Science

My Why Story

This is my 12th year at San Tan Charter.  I love the philosophy of the school and the opportunity to be true to myself and what kind of a teacher I want to be.

I worked in real estate and taught piano lessons from my home for many years while my kids were little.  I went back to school 13 years ago and received my Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education.  I have been a long term substitute in the Gilbert school district, Intermediate Resource aide, 6th-8th teacher at San Tan Learning Center, 5th grade teacher, Jr High Math and now headed back to my favorite grade 5th.  I love my students and teaching.

In my time of substitute teaching and being an aide, I realized that I don’t fit into the typical district teacher mold.  I have chosen to stay at San Tan because they have recognized, embraced, and valued that about me.