Chloe Ruggieri

Chloe Ruggieri

Administrative Assistant (K-6)

My Bio

Hi, my name is Chloe and I am a mom to two young girls, with another on the way. I was born in California and lived in Idaho for a few years before my family eventually moved to Georgia. I met my husband, Chandler, when I was on vacation in a small town in Mexico a few years ago. We dated long distance for over a year until he eventually moved out to Georgia to be with all of us. After realizing that none of us wanted to stay in the south east, we decided to move back to Arizona, where his family lived and I had some extended family.

Reading and writing are my passions, I would like write and book and have it published before the time that I am 40 years old. Spending time with my family is another way I like to spend my free time. I love animals, especially dogs, I would like to eventually have a lot of land for some type of rescue so that I can give old dogs a place to spend the rest of their lives!

I am so honored to have been given an opportunity to work at San Tan Charter School, and I cannot wait to see how my family and I grow within the community!

Birthday: December 22nd

These are a few of my favorite things.....

Colors: green

Flowers: pansies

Healthy snack: carrots and cucumbers

Junk food snack: cheeze it’s

Drinks: Baja blast

Scents: fruity and tropical

Games: Pokémon and WoW

sit down restaurant: Olive Garden

Fast food restaurant: Taco Bell

Places to receive a gift card: Barnes and noble or Amazon

Most used school supply: pens and notebooks

What I really like is: books 

Heroes: my dad, mom and grandparents

Hobbies: reading, playing games, writing