Hello Roadrunners,

Teachers and Administrators have been working together this week to transition our on-campus instructional program to home-based instruction. This approach includes many modalities of instruction. If you have not already received information from your teacher, these emails will begin to come next week.

Even though login information, assignments, schedules, and technology will begin to flow; all of us at San Tan understand that we need to take the transition slow. Continue to take these next 10 days to get to know our home-based instructional program, working out the kinks together as a community; don’t get stressed out. This is why we decided to start this process ahead of our April 14th “official” start date. As we move into this next phase with regards to attendance, grades, and all that comes with home-based instruction we will all be learning together. A little grace and understanding from a school and parent prospective goes along way. Please check out this link to view what San Tan’s home-based instruction will look like. https://santancharterschool.com/home-based-instruction/

You can expect campus level updates from school level administrators and classroom updates from your kiddo’s teacher. Any Federal or State updates will come directly from my office. I have included the San Tan Charter School timeline below:

  • Charter School closed for all educational services, March 19th – March 31st.
  • Charter School beginning our first steps in learning our home-based instructional program, April 1st – April 9th.
  • Official home-based Instruction for all Charter School students begins; no on campus instruction, April 14th – May 1st.
  • Charter School ON CAMPUS Instruction, May 4th – May 22nd.

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Educationally Yours,

Kristofer Sippel
CEO/Superintendent of Schools
San Tan Montessori School INC

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