Happy Sunday San Tan,

The President has declared March 15th a National Day of Prayer. Those who are sick, along with their families, need our prayers so that they can endure the pain. Leaders require a great deal of integrity to act with a virtue of caution to make good decisions amid the uncertainty of a novel infectious disease.

We are made for relationship and community. To be human is to innovate. We will learn much from this pandemic; medically as new vaccinations are advanced, socially as people practice empathy and love toward each other, and dedication as new ways are discovered to carry on the business of life.

As my team of 20 and I prepare for our meeting on Monday afternoon to discuss the closure of the charter school; clarity and grace is even more necessary for us to think in the light of faith and see this pandemic through, please Pray for me and my team.

San Tan will continue to be accountable under the iLead direction that has been our guiding light for years.

i – Integrity

L – Love

E – Empathy

A – Accountability

D – Dedication

Enjoy your Sunday with your families!

With much love and hope,

Kristofer Sippel
CEO/Superintendent of Schools
San Tan Montessori School INC

2013 – 2018 East Valley Tribune Best Charter School
2014 Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Large Business of the Year