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Hello Power Campus!

San Tan is ramping up for its phased-in approach to in-person learning! Starting on August 31, students may return back to campus via a Hybrid model—a two (2) days per week reintroduction to on-campus learning.

If you have not selected your return to school or would like to choose differently, please make your final choice for your student before Sunday, Aug. 23, by clicking here.


Phased-In, On-Campus Learning

Starting on Monday, August 31, families have the option to stay with Home-Based instruction or move to Hybrid learning where students attend school on campus for two (2) days a week. If choosing Hybrid learning, students will come either on Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday.

Current selections for phased-in, on-campus learning:

 Hybrid Monday-Tuesday:      167 students

Hybrid Thursday-Friday:       65 students

Home-Based:                          86 students

No Response:                          60 students


Face Mask/Shield Policy

State, County and local ordinances have mandated that all persons six years and older be masked while in a public space where social distancing of six feet is not possible. Therefore, masks will be required on campus as we return to in-person learning. This will be the policy while the health ordinances are in effect. This policy is subject to change if the local ordinances change or if an overriding state directive is issued.

We recognize that this mask requirement may create a burden for students. Faculty and staff will help lovingly and patiently guide and support students in adherence to the policy’s expectations. These expectations are a part of our layered approach to safety and return to school. Adherence coupled with loving, trusting, and reasonable accommodations is the balance we will seek hourly in the classrooms, hallways, lunchrooms and the like.

We will lean on one another as we work to execute this policy with wisdom and common sense as we “Protect the Nest” and return safely to in-person instruction.


Student Attendance

Please remind your students that during Home-Based instruction we ask that students will have their cameras turned on so to verify attendance. Attendance occurs during the first 10 minutes of each classroom period. Afterwards, per each teacher’s classroom expectations, students may have their cameras on or off as instructed by their teacher.


As always, I appreciate the feedback we are receiving at the school! We look forward to our safe return to school and are excited to once again see our students.

All the Best!

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