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Hello Power Campus!


Who is ready for today’s Virtual Open House?! It has been very exciting getting ready to welcome parents and students to a new day and to our new learning at San Tan Charter School!


Start of School

Get the kids ready! School starts this Thursday, July 30, with Home-Based instruction for all students. Student schedules have been released through Infinite Campus and teachers are reaching out to students and parents to join and start their classes on Google Classroom.


Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House is today! Families have both an afternoon and evening opportunity to attend their student’s classes in Google Meet. Open House follows your student’s schedule. Please follow the “bell schedule” and attend only the class on your student’s schedules during the correct time.

Afternoon Bell Schedule

0 Period               2:00 pm

1 Period               2:15 pm

2 Period               2:30 pm

3 Period               2:45 pm

4 Period               3:00 pm

5 Period               3:15 pm

6 Period               3:30 pm

7 Period               3:45 pm

Evening Bell Schedule

0 Period               5:00 pm

1 Period               5:15 pm

2 Period               5:30 pm

3 Period               5:45 pm

4 Period               6:00 pm

5 Period               6:15 pm

6 Period               6:30 pm

7 Period               6:45 pm


Please use the chart below for your teacher’s Google Meet link to their Open House classroom:

Staff MemberOpen House Google Meet Link
Castillo, Amandameet.google.com/fzh-ccns-qzm
Crooms, Kylimeet.google.com/gus-vyxu-zyi
Dudek, Petemeet.google.com/vjh-cnhc-bca
Eummer, Jeffreymeet.google.com/wbs-bbab-zpx
Gabriel, Taylormeet.google.com/wyc-aawm-muy
Gustafson, Stefanymeet.google.com/qsk-gndk-zre
Hermann, Merrickmeet.google.com/ixq-ineo-auy
Hirepan, Daniellemeet.google.com/ajb-hqcx-dzy
Kasperson, Crystalmeet.google.com/kwh-pqty-fnd
Kovach, Ambermeet.google.com/yia-mgqf-niz
Lagerman, Jamesmeet.google.com/srj-vreh-bjy
McQuaid, Joriemeet.google.com/evr-vfkw-eyo
Newton, Christophermeet.google.com/beq-cdtt-vch
Ray, Jimmymeet.google.com/xde-tuee-rgp
Revling, Nikkimeet.google.com/xbu-byds-zex
Richardson, Justinmeet.google.com/bwc-eshj-rns
Roanhorse, Miyonemeet.google.com/uxu-zjfi-hej
Stumpf, Leahmeet.google.com/fib-uhfa-yxz
Taylor, Kerrymeet.google.com/snx-nvqi-udw
Tischer, Michellemeet.google.com/tax-srpy-djx
Tomasek, Janiemeet.google.com/hxc-noax-dim
Warren, Cierrameet.google.com/gsb-inxn-pqq


Student Schedules

Student schedules are available on Infinite Campus.

Please follow this link to the San Tan Charter Infinite Campus parent and student portal to view courses: https://azcloud1.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/santan.jsp?status=login


Schedule Changes: Students have ten (10) school days to request changes to their schedule starting on the first day of school on July 30. Students are responsible to attend their regularly-scheduled classes until their schedule has been officially changed.

For schedule change requests, please email Ms. Taylor at btaylor@santancs.com.



Questions about technology pick-up? Please email ntatum@santancs.com or call us at (480) 222-0811.



This year we are moving our sports registration online with Register My Athlete. Nicole Tatum will be reaching out to families regarding the start of athletics and the registering of athletes.

We have done a great job working together to get our kids started. Let’s continue to all support each other as we kick it into high gear for this school year! Welcome to school year 2020-21!


All the best,

Brandon Tauscher
480-222-0811 ext. 521 (Power Campus)
e. btauscher@santancs.com
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