Montessori Minutes 12/20

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Happy Friday and Wonderful end of year wishes San Tan Montessori community,


There is still room in the December Winter camps next week. Please call or email Ms. Icke if you want your child to attend 480-222-0811 ex 2 or

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Health & Tower Garden Updates

From Ms. Stapley:  Since my baby girl is due any time now, I will be taking a leave of absence from teaching classes till Spring, yet I’ll still be sending out Newsletters with Health Tips for Families.

With so much sickness going around this time of year, here’s a fun little poem on how to reduce your kiddos getting sick. . . .

’Twas the season of illness
And all through the town
People dropped like flies
From the viruses around.

But because of these gummies
And its science that proves
Our immunity is balanced
Through these sweet little chews.

Over 30 fruits and veggies
antioxidant rich berries to boot
Equals no copays or sick visits
Saving our family some loot.

Just one simple change
An investment that finally
Moved mountains and helped
our immune systems so mightily!

Here’s all the links that are in the Newsletter . . . 

With much care,

Karis Stapley, The Health Compass
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Music Together Updates

Hello Parents,

For the past two weeks, we have been having fun with holiday songs mixed in with our Music Together Curriculum.  We used our resonator bells with a song from the Music Together Family Favorites CD, (available on iTunes) called “Spin and Stop.” The children also enjoyed singing “Candy Cane Jane” from Laurie Berkner, using our giant scrunchy! Have a wonderful week and please check out the attached newsletter for more updates and pictures from music class.

Happy Holidays!

Kami Kerby
Music Together In-School Specialist


Private School Tax Credit

Our Private Montessori School gives out around $45,000.00 a year in scholarships. We are able to offer these scholarships because of the Arizona Private School tax credit program. The best part is whatever you contribute, you will receive dollar for dollar back on your state taxes with this program as well. So, if you give $500, you can deduct that $500 off what you owe in taxes. If you are a married couple, you may contribute up to $1,138. If you are single, the total amount that you can contribute is $569.

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AZ School Tax Credit

The public school tax credit program is the perfect way to give and support San Tan’s K-12 Charter School specials programs.  The program is a win/win for everyone. The best part is whatever you contribute, you will receive dollar for dollar back on your state taxes. So, if you give $100, you can deduct that $100 off what you owe in taxes. If you are a married couple, you may only contribute up to $400. If you are single, the total amount that you can contribute is $200. A one-time contribution is also wonderful.

Make a Public School Tax Credit Donation


Save the dates:

  • February 29th at 7 pm: A Night in Atlantis – Annual Montessori Fundraiser  Adults night out 
  • April 4th at 4 pm: Uncle Gerry Concert – a Music Together celebrity will be performing at San Tan Montessori



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