Laramie Letters 8.3.21

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Letter from the Principal

Dear San Tan Families,

What an excellent start to the school year that we have been having! It is such a joy to see students come in every day and see how happy they are in their classrooms. We are looking forward to our FEC Meeting this week and our Green and Gold Scrimmage next week!

– Mrs. Sarah Laramie


Important Announcements 

New to STCS?

If you are new to San Tan or have not yet joined, please consider joining our school’s closed Facebook page and Instagram pages. On this page, we attach announcements, event invites, pictures of events, and more!

Facebook- San Tan Charter School Family Connection

Facebook-PreK-6 Recker Campus

Facebook-7-12 Power Campus

Facebook- Mrs. Laramie Principal Recker Campus

Instagram- Mrs. Laramie Principal Recker Campus

Instagram-STCS Recker Campus


Please see HERE the Fall Club Catalog. To register for the clubs, please register in the way each club has indicated in the blurb!

Green and Gold Scrimmage

Please join us on Friday Aug 13th to kickoff the new school year with our GREEN and Gold scrimmage. Here is the schedule:

4:00 HS Volleyball team will scrimmage in the Gymnasium
5:30 Join us in the Student Union for BBQ Burgers/ Hotdogs Meal
7:00 HS Football team will scrimmage at Power Football Field

Show your Roadrunner School Spirit and join in on the fun

Click Here to Order Food


FEC Meeting

You are invited to attend a presentation on the Family Engagement Committee this Thursday at 5:30 in Room 200. If you are interested in attending, please fill out the following sign up genius to RSVP.

Student Council

Calling all students interested in Student Council! Join us as we lead our school! Student Council will work to plan events and fundraisers this year, as well as increase school spirit. We’d love to have you! Interest meeting for potential officers as well as class representatives (3rd-6th grade) will be Monday, August 16th at 8am in Mrs. Sterling’s room (214).

iLEAD Poem

At our campuses, we have historically focused on Character Counts and our iLEAD values. We typically have said our Roadrunner Character pledge to highlight the Character Counts values.

This year, we are looking to create a “Roadrunner iLEAD Pledge”. We are creating a community competition for creative individuals who wish to leave their mark on STCS for years to come.

Here is the information:

  1. Take the iLEAD values and compose a poem that could be said daily at both campuses.
  2. The poem should be no longer than the Roadrunner Character Pledge which is around a paragraph. We have added the old Roadrunner Character Pledge below for reference

“I am a Roadrunner of Character, I will be worthy of Trust

I will be Respectful and Responsible, doing what I must

I will always act with Fairness, I will show the I Care

I will be a Good Citizen and always do my share”

  1. Poems should be submitted through the following LINK
  2. All Poems are due by August 31st
  3. The poem selected will be announced September 7th.


integrity- Speaking the truth and presenting oneself genuinely with a focus on the whole person through self-discipline and determination.

Love- Valuing close relationships with others by thoughtfully demonstrating kindness, patience and a deep respect for the diversity, feelings and opinions of others.

Empathy- Imagining what it is like to be another person, in their situation, seeking understanding prior to acting.

Accountability- The acknowledgment and acceptance of responsibility for one’s decisions and actions along with the results.

Dedication-Deeply committed to our community with a strong loyalty to our shared goals.

EF Trip

STCS is going to Europe! Join our school on the WWII in England and France trip. Students can earn college credit, experience new cultures and more! While this trip is open to all students grades 5-12, we do require any 5th– 7th graders traveling to have a parent chaperone with them but strongly encourage other parents to attend!

We have 3 spots leftSign up now to guarantee a spot for your child! Have questions? The friendly folks at EF’s Traveler Support team can help at 800-665-5364. And if your child has friends who haven’t signed up yet, feel free to pass this message along to their families, too.

My Hot Lunch Box Lineup for the Semester 

Your lunch lineup is as follows:

Monday – Boca Taqueria
Tuesday – Panda Express
Wednesday – Jason’s Deli
Thursday – Planet Sub

Recker Academic Success Kit (RASK)

Please remember to make your RASK payment of $30

We will be taking payments with the following link: Make Online Payment

Plumber Needed

If your family works for or owns a plumbing company please email We have some plumbing needs and would like to work with San Tan families.

Hiring Positions

  • We are hiring for a Custodian position

If you are interested please email


Guest Teachers

We need guest teachers to fill in when our teaching staff is out ill. If you would like to guest teach for us, please email Ms. Lapadura at to get back on the list for this school year.

Family Engagement Committee

At San Tan, we do not have a PTO, we have the Family Engagement Committee! The FEC will be helping with school events, parent groups, fundraising initiatives and organizing parent support within the classroom.

If you are interested in joining, please email me at


Mrs. Sarah Laramie, M.A.  

Principal, Recker Campus
Doctoral Candidate, Grand Canyon University
San Tan Charter School
3959 E. Elliot Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone:  480-222-0811

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela