Laramie Letters 7-2

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Dear Recker Families,

Happy July 4th week! I hope this week is bringing you some relaxing time with friends and family. Included in the following will be important announcements and sign ups. I will be sending Laramie Letters out weekly. They can also be found on the San Tan Charter School Family Connection Facebook page as well as the San Tan Charter School Recker Campus Facebook page.

Along with the supply lists, we are introducing the Recker Academic Success Kit. This kit will be essential in improving academic success and organization across the campus. I have included a letter above explaining one of the key pieces, PBIS. I am so grateful to the community for supporting this initiative as we move forward.

– Mrs. Sarah Laramie, Principal

School Supply Lists
I have attached our school supply lists so that you can get a jump on back to school shopping. The supply lists are listed by grade level and experience.

Recker Academic Success Kit
This next year, we are asking families for $15 per child to purchase our “Success Kit”. In the success kit, will be the following items.

  1. School Agenda- School Agendas have long been the go-to method of teaching students responsibility and ownership of their learning. We have determined that, for the agendas to become an effective time and task management tool for the classroom, every student will need one.
  2. School Communication Folder- Families are a powerful influence on children’s academic development. When family members are involved in student work, students’ self-esteem, interest, and language skills improve. To keep families up to speed, it’s crucial to establish a consistent method of communication between home and school. A weekly folder is a perfect method on ensuring active communication because it becomes part of the routine, and parents know to look for it each week.
  3. PBIS Rewards – Please see the attached letter. PBIS Rewards System, including your parental access codes.
  4. Data Tracking Kit- Teachers at San Tan use formative and summative data to inform their instruction. Looking at the data helps the teachers understand the individual needs of each student and how to meet those needs. Typically, this data is only looked at by the teachers. However, research has shown that when students themselves identify, reflect, and use their data in their learning, they become active participants in their academic growth. Through our Data Tracking Kit, teachers will be training students how to graph, analyze, and set goals for their learning.

We will be taking payments with the following link:

Please fill out one form per student: The goal would be for all to have purchased this by August 1st.

New to STCS?
If you are new to San Tan or have not yet joined, please think about joining our school’s closed Facebook page. On this page, we attach announcements, event invites, pictures of events and more!

San Tan Charter School Family Connection-

Recker Main Page –

Montessori Main Page –

Athletics Main Page –

School Supply Fundraiser
If you would prefer, save time, avoid the stores and the heat. Supplies pre-ordered will be ready on back to school night for your student!

Family Engagement Committee
We are interested in restarting the Family Engagement Committee. The FEC will be helping with school events, parent groups, fundraising initiatives and organizing parent support within the classroom.

If you are interested in joining, please email Ms. Heller at

Help Feed Our Teachers!
We are asking parents to help support our staff by providing dinner items during the evening of Open House. Our theme for this year is a Taco/ Burrito Bar. Please have all donation items fully cooked and dropped off to the front office by 4:30 pm. Our teachers will be getting a dinner break from 5:00-6:00. We have 50 staff members on campus this year. To sign up, please click the link below. We sincerely appreciate any and all donations.

Dates and Events to Remember

 7th and 8th grade Social

Save the Date: July 24th, 2019

Time: 5:00-9:00

Location: Main Event at Greenfield and Ray

Fee: $25 at the door- cash only please

To sign up please click the following link:

Recker Round Up

Save the Date: July 25th, 2019

Time: 5:30-7:30

Location: Recker Campus

Open House

Save the Date: July 30th, 2019

Location: Recker Campus

  • 3:00PM    Session One:  Begin in Gymnasium (Principal Presentation)
  • 4:00PM     Session Two:  Begin in Gymnasium (Principal Presentation)
  • 6:00PM     Session Three:  Begin in Gymnasium (Principal Presentation)
  • 7:00PM     Session Four:  Begin in Gymnasium (Principal Presentation)

Mrs. Sarah Laramie, M.A.
Principal, Recker Campus
Doctoral Candidate, Grand Canyon University
San Tan Charter School
3959 E. Elliott Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone:  480-222-0811