Laramie Letters 6/24

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Hello, Recker Campus Families!

I hope you are doing well and having a safe summer! I understand that one of the essential parts of the summer is preparing your student for the coming year. Amid the COVID pandemic, the more opportunities parents have to discuss who the students can expect on campus, the more prepared they will be!

Please join me in welcoming back the following teachers and staff! As you will see, you will see many familiar faces around campus!!

Superintendent- Dr. Kris Sippel
Assistant Superintendent- Ms. Rita Sippel
Chief Operating Officer- Mr. Andrew Rissler
Athletic Director- Ms. Nicole Tatum
Director of Special Projects- Ms. Holly Jacobs
Principal- Ms. Sarah Laramie
Front Office Manager- Ms. Carol Page
Nurse- Ms. Marty Stevens
Registrar- Ms. Jeanne Evans
Kindergarten- Ms. Stefany Camba
First Grade- Ms. Megan Owings
First Grade- Ms. Kelsey Donovan
Second Grade- Ms. Sydnie Nording
Second Grade Gifted- Ms. Alisa Johnson
Third Grade- Ms. Christina Winters
Third Grade Gifted- Ms. Janessa Ruiz
Fourth Grade- Ms. Jazzael Taylor
Fourth Grade- Ms. Shannon Yocklin
Fourth Grade Gifted- Ms. Lorraine Rudiak
Fifth/Sixth Grade- Ms. Nicole Patterson
Fifth/ Sixth Grade- Ms. Gini Sterling
Fifth/ Sixth Grade Gifted- Ms. Leslie Risan
Fifth/ Sixth Grade Gifted- Ms. Barbara Cowled
Lower Elementary Montessori- Ms. Natassia DeWyke
Montessori Assistant- Ms. Carol Berhost
Montessori Assistant- Ms. Melinda Hatch
Montessori Specials- Ms. Megan Hubbard
Montessori Music- Ms. Kami Kerby
Music- Mr. Adam Winters
PE- Ms. Karen Avery
PE- Ms. Janie Tomasek
Special Education- Ms. Jill Dulberg
Special Education Paraprofessional- Ms. Jodi McArthur
Speech, OT and PT- Ms. Heather Robinson
Custodial Staff- Ms. Maria Hernandez and staff

I also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that the following staff members will not be returning for next year. While some are leaving, students may see some on campus as Guest Teachers. Having worked at San Tan for many years, I feel fortunate to have worked beside every one of these teachers. Please join me in wishing them luck on all their future endeavors.

Ms. Carey Belt
Ms. Kristen Walker
Ms. Brigette Heller
Ms. Gwen Golonka
Ms. Amanda Errington
Ms. Grisell Busanez
Ms. Heidi Simpson
Ms. Virginia Gregersen
Ms. Cassidy Giudice
Ms. Carli Antolos
Ms. Heidi Simpson
Ms. Michele Esposito
Ms. Staci Jury
Ms. Linda Olson
Ms. Kristi Kisler
Ms. Kristen Bulger
Ms. Janelle Deguzman
Ms. Jennifer Beam

Please join me in welcoming the following new staff members to our campus. We are so excited to have them join the Recker Campus family.

Half-Day Kindergarten/ Computer Specials- Ms. Tonya Harris
First Grade Gifted- Ms. Monica Dipree
Upper Elementary Montessori- Ms. Mary Navarro
Lower Elementary Montessori- Ms. Jamie Hinch
Kindergarten Montessori- Ms. Clarissa Pollack

We are hiring the following positions, and I will let you know who our new hires are once they are solidified.

Dean of Students
School Psychologist

I hope this email gives you clarity for the staff you will see around campus this coming year. As you can see, we have a rock star teacher staff coming up. I am so excited for next year, and we cannot wait to see all our students!

Mrs. Sarah Laramie, M.A.  
Principal, Recker Campus
Doctoral Candidate, Grand Canyon University
San Tan Charter School
3959 E. Elliot Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone:  480-222-0811