Laramie Letters 4.25.23

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Letter from the Principal

Dear San Tan Families,

TOMORROW Wednesday (April 26h) we will be conducting a Lockdown Drill to practice our safety scenarios. I will be notifying parents when the lockdown starts and when the lockdown has ended. At San Tan, we firmly believe in safety but also, we believe in a parent’s right to have a say in what their children are exposed to. I wanted to let you know ahead of time so that you can have a conversation with your student or keep your student home if need be. I will be emailing home following the drill to let you know when it is over. I have also attached a “social story” to help guide at home conversations.

We also have a half day of school tomorrow and will begin dismissing at 11:00- 11:30. If you need care for your student, please sign up with the following link,

– Mrs. Sarah Laramie


Month at a Glance 

  • Lockdown Drill- 4/26
  • Half Day of School- 4/26
  • Teacher Appreciation Week 5/1-5/5
  • MAP Testing 5/1-5/12
  • Recker Academic Awards 5/2
  • Gifted Information Night 5/4
  • Spring Athletic Awards 5/17
  • Kindergarten Graduation 5/24
  • 8th Grade and 12th Grade Graduation 5/25
  • Last Day of School 5/26
  • School Closed 5/29
  • Parent Teacher Conferences 6/1-6/2


Important Announcements

Teacher Appreciation Week 5/1-5/5

Monday- Write a note to your teacher (This can include a thank you note, why I love my teacher, etc.)

Tuesday- Wear your teachers’ favorite color

Wednesday- Give your teacher a flower (real, paper or draw one)

Thursday- Give your teacher a high five

Friday- Draw a picture for your teacher



Ms. Aguilar’s Wishlist

Ms. Edam’s Wishlist

Ms. Harris’ Wishlist


1st-3rd Grade:

Ms. Berhost’s Wishlist

Ms. Burns’ Wishlist

Ms. Camba’s Wishlist

Ms. DeWyke’s Wishlist

Ms. Dippre’s Wishlist

Ms. Rigsbee’s Wishlist

Ms. Sibley’s Wishlist

Ms. Trowbridge’s Wishlist

Ms. Witte’s Wishlist


4th-6th Grade:

Ms. Cowled’s Wishlist

Ms. Gustafson’s Wishlist

Ms. Hubbard’s Wishlist

Ms. Jacobs’ Wishlist

Ms. Messick’s Wishlist

Ms. Sterling’s Wishlist

Ms. Vega’s Wishlist



Ms. Cordova’s Waitlist

Coach Lee’s Wishlist

Coach Lindemulder Wishlist

Ms. Martinez’s Wishlist

Ms. Strand’s Wishlist


Front Office:

Ms. Laramie’s Wishlist

Ms. Richardson’s List

Ms. Marty’s Wishlist


Shoe Drive Update

The following classrooms are in the lead!


Would you ever think that your old shoes could help offset field trips next year? Well they can and here’s how. Our team is participating in a fundraiser where there is nothing to buy or sell, all we need is your support and your old shoes. We are looking for community members to help support us by agreeing to collect 25 pairs of gently worn, used and new shoes in the next 4 weeks. Here’s how you do it:

Start in your family’s closets and gather pairs of shoes that you’ve out grown, are out of style, or out of season. If you have 25 pairs, great, if not please ask your neighbors and/or co-workers to do the same. These shoes will help support our program as well as individuals in developing nations like Ghana, Haiti and Cambodia. Connect with me to get them picked up or you can drop them off at these locations: in your child’s classroom or at the front of Recker. Can we count on you? Please reply YES, I’LL HELP. PS: if you can’t collect 25, then try for 15, 10, or 5. Remember, every pair that you collect helps.


Tax Credit 

This year’s tax credit giving goal is $100,000.00.

Your gift — large or small — will make a difference.

The form link is now open at:

With your support, we can continue to provide the programs outlined below;

  • Junior High and High School Culinary Arts: Restaurant quality cutlery, pots/pans, additional shelving, and supplies for the classroom
  • Full-Day Kindergarten Scholarship
  • Funding for the Library/Media Space
  • Health Care Supplies
  • Playground Equipment

Reading Initiative

I am so excited to tell you of an initiative that I am starting that will continue throughout the rest of this year. Dedicated small group reading is proven to not only increase reading scores but also increase student’s love of reading. I am really passionate about students gaining a love of reading so we have created a new initiative.

We would love to invite parent volunteers daily between 8:30-9:30, in half an hour segments, to read to small groups of students in the library. I have attached the sign up. In the sign up, you will see classrooms with teacher’s names in it so that you know which classes you are volunteering for.

Grandparents are also welcome if they are interested! I am really excited about this initiative and want to thank you all for your consideration.

Thank you for your time and your devotion to our community,


Helpful Links

Order Lunch 

Arizona Tax Credit Form

Social Media Links

Facebook- San Tan Charter School Family Connection

Facebook-PreK-6 Recker Campus

Facebook-7-12 Power Campus

Facebook- Mrs. Laramie Principal Recker Campus

Instagram- Mrs. Laramie Principal Recker Campus

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