Laramie Letters 1.24.24

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Dear Sarah,

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re enjoying this refreshing rainy weather we’re experiencing.

I’ve noticed that our drive lane has been unusually busy lately, so I wanted to take a moment to share a few important safety reminders. Kindly use our designated crosswalk when crossing towards our building. It truly worries me when I see families crossing in front of cars without following our Slow or Stop signs.

Additionally, I’d like to express my gratitude for ensuring that our staff is fully attentive to our students while on duty. It’s incredibly helpful when families schedule meetings with teachers instead of stopping by in the drive lane. We absolutely love discussing your students’ progress, but we also want to prioritize the safe monitoring of students during dismissal time.

Thank you for partnering with us to ensure the utmost safety for all of our students and families.

Warmest regards,

Sarah Laramie

Swing Away Softball Club

Join our 6 week club and work on your softball skills!

February 1st – March 7th

Thursday from 4-5pm on the Recker Field

Grades 1 – 7

Participants will need their own softball mitt!

Cost: $100 Includes a Shirt

You are invited!

We are thrilled to announce that our Preschool will be hosting a musical extravaganza featuring the renowned entertainer, Uncle Gerry. With his captivating performances as “Uncle Gerry” on the critically acclaimed recordings for the globally recognized Music Together family music program, Gerry has mesmerized audiences worldwide. For the past decade, Gerry and his talented wife, Denise, have embarked on international journeys, leading enchanting family singalongs and organizing various community gatherings centered around Peace and Celebration.

Prepare to be enchanted and entertained as this delightful morning of singing and music unfolds. We extend a warm welcome to all who wish to join us!

Save the Date

Mark your calendars! Our highly anticipated annual Montessori Gala is just around the corner on Saturday, March 9th. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Tax Credit

Giving Tuesday is upon us! This year’s tax credit giving goal is $100,000.00.

Your gift — large or small — will make a difference.

With your support, we can continue to provide the programs outlined below;

  • Full-Day Kindergarten Scholarship
  • Funding for the Library/Media Space
  • Montessori Outdoor Environment
  • Peace Education
  • Going Outs into the Community
  • Health Care Supplies
  • Playground Equipment

There are TWO ways to give!

In addition, our Montessori Preschool School gives out around $45,000.00 a year in scholarship to those families in need, we are able to offer these scholarships because of the Arizona School tax credit program. The best part is whatever you contribute, you will receive dollar for dollar back on your state taxes. So, if you give $100, you can deduct that $100 off what you owe in taxes. You do not have to have a child at the school to pledge, you must only be an AZ State resident paying AZ State taxes.

Capture unforgettable highlights and milestones at San Tan Charter School Recker Campus Preschool-7 in their exclusive yearbook.

Preserve these cherished memories forever – secure your copy now!

Travel with STCS to Germany Austria and Switzerland in March 2025

Month at a Glance // January/ February

  • Jan 23rd- Parent Information Night- 6th Grade
  • Jan 29th– Safety Drill
  • Jan 31st- Half Day
  • Jan 31st– Science Fair
  • Feb 2nd– STEMfest/Leanring Celebration Recker @ 2pm
  • Feb 5th-9th– Friendship Grams
  • Feb 10th– Music Together with Uncle Gerry
  • Feb 13th– Spring Sports Pictures
  • Feb 19th– President’s Day- No School
  • Feb 20th-Mar 1st– Gifted Testing
  • Feb 20th– Parent Information Night- 6th Grade #2
  • Feb 28th– Half Day
  • Feb 28th– Safety Drill
  • Feb 28th– Recker Spring Photos

Spring Clubs

Spring Clubs can begin as early as the week of January 4th and will end the week of May 24th.

*Please note that start and end dates vary with each club.

Please note no clubs will meet the week of 3/18/2024 to 03/29/2024 for Spring Break. No class 1/31, 2/28, 3/13, 3/19, 3/20, 3/26, 3/27