Laramie Letter 7.19.22

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Letter from the Principal

Dear San Tan Families,

I hope you are having a lovely week before school! Teachers returned last week and we have so much to share with you with what we have been training on. I am very excited for all of the academic advancements we are making at our campus.

If you are NOT receiving my emails, my best recommendation is to add me ( as a contact. This will ensure that my emails are not identified as “spam” in your inbox.

– Mrs. Sarah Laramie


Important Announcements

New to STCS?

If you are new to San Tan or have not yet joined, please consider joining our school’s closed Facebook page and Instagram pages. On this page, we attach announcements, event invites, pictures of events, and more!


Facebook- San Tan Charter School Family Connection

Facebook-PreK-6 Recker Campus

Facebook-7-12 Power Campus

Facebook- Mrs. Laramie Principal Recker Campus

Instagram- Mrs. Laramie Principal Recker Campus

Instagram-STCS Recker Campus


EF Trip 
STCS is going to Europe! Join our school on the Italy trip. Students can earn college credit, experience new cultures and more! We open this trip to all students grade 5-12.

We have 3 spots leftSign up now to guarantee a spot for your child! Have questions? The friendly folks at EF’s Traveler Support team can help at 800-665-5364. And if your child has friends who haven’t signed up yet, feel free to pass this message along to their families, too.

Open House Save the Date 

Open House Reminder

Save the Date: THURSDAY, July 21st

Location: Recker Campus

3:00 PM Session One: Begin in Gymnasium (Principal Presentation)

4:00 PM Session Two: Begin in Gymnasium (Principal Presentation)


6:00 PM Session Three: Begin in Gymnasium (Principal Presentation)

7:00 PM Session Four: Begin in Gymnasium (Principal Presentation)



  • Logistics: You can choose any sessions that work best for your family. Head on over to your student’s classroom. This will be casual, and you are welcome to visit any classes at your leisure.
  • School Supplies: Please bring your supplies this evening if you have them. We will have you drop off the items at your student’s teacher’s classroom.
  • Questions Que: For any questions that may pop up and I cannot answer them this evening, please Click Here, and I will follow up with you.
  • Please ensure you have picked up your Car Hang Tags from your OLDEST child’s classroom teacher this evening.


First Day of School Information 

Drop Off

  • Gates open at 8:05. All students will come directly into the classroom
    • To ensure all students’ safety and academic success, there will be no outside morning recess.
  • The class will begin promptly at 8:30. If you arrive on campus after 8:30, parents must sign in at the front office and receive a pass to class.
  • Kindergarten Parents – You received a separate email from me about drop-off 😊


BooHoo Yahoo

The first day of school from 8:30-9:30 you are invited to the BooHoo Yahoo, a coffee social with other Recker campus parents and yours truly! Please sign in at the front office and make your way to the cafeteria. Light refreshments will be provided.



Half Day Kinder: 12:00 PM

K – 6 Grades: 3:00-3:30

  • We will be employing the School Safe ID program for after-school pick-up so that we can follow our safeguards and ensure the safety of our staff and students.
  • Please see a follow-up email from me detailing this program.


School Day

  • Specials will begin on Day one – please ensure that students have tennis shoes for PE.
  • Please remember our nut-free policy for lunches. There are no microwaves available for student use in elementary school. Students will need to bring any utensils they may need.
  • Please pack a healthy, quick, non-messy afternoon snack each day. Also, don’t forget water bottles!


Lunch Ordering 

This is our hot meal program when lunches are ready to start ordering. Attached are the instructions to sign up for My Hot Lunch Box.


Your lunch lineup is as follows:

Monday – Firehouse Subs

Tuesday – Panda Express

Wednesday – Jason’s Deli

Thursday – Boca Taqueria

Friday – Streets of New York


Recker Academic Success Kit (RASK)

We are asking families for $30 per child to purchase our “Success Kit”. In the success kit, will be the following items.

  1. Agendas– This is a notebook in which students will be details elements of their day, spelling words etc. School Agendas have long been the go-to method of teaching students responsibility and ownership of their learning. We have determined that, for the agendas to become an effective time and task management tool for the classroom, every student will need one.
  2. School Communication Folder– Families are a powerful influence on children’s academic development. When family members are involved in student work, students’ self-esteem, interest, and language skills improve. To keep families up to speed, it’s crucial to establish a consistent method of communication between home and school. A weekly folder is a perfect method on ensuring active communication because it becomes part of the routine, and parents know to look for it each week.
  3. Data Tracking Kit– Teachers at San Tan use formative and summative data to inform their instruction. Looking at the data helps the teachers understand the individual needs of each student and how to meet those needs. Typically, this data is only looked at by the teachers. However, research has shown that when students themselves identify, reflect, and use their data in their learning, they become active participants in their academic growth. Through our Data Tracking Kit, teachers will be training students how to graph, analyze, and set goals for their learning.
  4. School T-shirt- We wear our school t-shirts on Friday to signify our Roadrunner Pride!


We will be taking payments with the following link: Make Online Payment


Guest Teachers

We need guest teachers to fill in when our teaching staff is out ill. If you would like to guest teach for us, please email Ms. Richardson at to get back on the list for this school year.


Family Engagement Committee

At San Tan, we do not have a PTO, we have the Family Engagement Committee! The FEC will be helping with school events, parent groups, fundraising initiatives and organizing parent support within the classroom.

If you are interested in joining, please email at