Half Day Reminder

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Throughout the school year, there are a variety of half days to support professional development, parent-teacher conferences, and holidays.  We understand the family dynamics and schedules adjust to support these alternate pick-up days.

Our Half Day schedules and Dismissal times are posted on these Recker and Power pages.

Half Day Reminders

  • Bring your Car Cards
  • If an alternate authorized person is picking up your student, give them the Car Cards, and share our Drive Lane Tips

No After Care on Half Days

  • Students who are picked up late will be in the front office
  • The authorized person must come inside to pick up student, show car card, and sign out student
  • An After Care charge of $1 per minute will be incurred* starting at 11:45 AM
  • *After Care invoices are sent the month after charges incur

Drive Lane Tips

  • If you are walking up, please take your car card with you. It is your ticket to your kiddos.
  • Please arrive during the oldest child’s pick up time
  • Please make sure your car-card is prominently displayed on the right side of the window.
  • Please make sure you arrive at your student’s designated time. Any pick up person who arrives before their child’s designated time will be asked to exit the line and loop around.
  • If there are changes to dismissal, please let the front office know. They will communicate the change with teachers.
  • We cannot buckle students in, if you would like to help your student with the car buckle, please park and walk up with your car card to collect your student.
  • Please remain in the vehicle, and we will help the kids get in the car.