Armstrong’s Agenda 4/30

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Good afternoon, Roadrunners!

Happy fifth week of Home-Based Instruction.  I hope that you and your students are navigating the system well.  Remember that teachers and administration are here to support you, if you or your child are having any difficulties, please let us know.  You may have noticed that you received a ‘Guardian’ account access information from the Google Classroom.  This access allows you to get notifications about your child’s class. Please call or email me if you have not received this email or are having a difficult time signing up.

Home-Based Instruction

As a reminder the dates for Home-Based Instruction are as follows:

  • 4/14-5/15  Home-Based Instruction
  • 5/18-5/22   Final Exams

We will continue to be very flexible in the coming weeks, and we know that some families and students are going to experience glitches along the way.  Please let us know how San Tan can best support you during this time.

Final Exams & Final Due Dates for Assignments

  • Final assignments are due on 5/18 by midnight.
  • Final Exams will be posted by teachers on 5/15 and open until midnight on 5/20.  The final exam will cover third quarter content only.

School Pictures

Spring pictures are in and available for pick up in the front office.  We are open daily from 9AM-3PM.

Senior Happenings

To celebrate our seniors, we have created a quiz for the students.  We have pictures of our staff members their senior year.  Take a look:  Match your teacher to their Senior picture!

Our football lights are still on for 20 minutes starting at 8:20PM each night to celebrate our 2020 seniors.

We have started spotlight each of our seniors on our facebook page.  We have been posting approximately 10 a day, and will continue to do so throughout the week.  Take a moment to see what all our extraordinary seniors are doing at:


Have no fear!  We have not cancelled either the 8th grade or High School graduations.  We are excited to announce that these graduations will take place, with proper social distancing in place, on June 25th.  8th grade will be at 6:30PM and 12th grade will be at 8PM.  We will be keeping up to date with the news and if that changes, we will let you know. San Tan is actively seeking the guidance of the CDC on social distancing and planning; what we can share is that this will be located on the football field as well as a virtual component.

Families in Need

I know that some families are going through extremely rough times right now.  If you need additional support during this time, here is a list of schools that are providing meals for those children under 18 years old. You can click on the school district and they will have a map showing what school in the area/district are providing meals.  There are also a few places that are giving out free meals at the beginning of this article.  AZ Family Article

Morning Announcements

As a reminder, we have moved our morning announcements for both campuses to YouTube.  Please take a moment to watch our morning announcements each day.


Yearbooks are still available for this school year.  Please go to: to order today.

Videos/Pictures of Home-Based Instruction

Please send us your pictures or videos of home-based instruction.  We would love to see what the kiddos are up to.  Please send them to

Chicken Coop Live Feed

Looking for some entertainment? Tired of watching Tiger King on Netflix?  Why not take a look at the Montessori School’s live webcam of the chicken coop?

Virtual Tour

Check out our latest virtual tour:

Checking Email

Please remind your student(s) that it is super important to check their emails each day.  The teachers are sending a lot great information to their email.

We truly miss you and hope that all is well. I hope that your family is happy, healthy and safe!



Mrs. Armstrong