Armstrong’s Agenda 3/31

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Good morning Roadrunners!

I hope that each of you are doing well.  Tomorrow embarks our first day of Home-Based Instruction.  Please know that we are using this time as a gift to learn what our community needs are going to be.  We will be very flexible in the coming weeks, and we know that some families and students are going to experience glitches along the way.  Our Home-Based instruction will look like this:

4/1-4/9      Getting Ramped up Home-Based Instruction Trial Period.
All classrooms will go live at 9AM on 4/1.
There is not a set time for students to check in.

4/14-5/15  Home-Based Instruction begins

5/18-5/22   Final Exams

As we navigate our move to Home-Based Instruction, please be assured that if you are experiencing any difficulties, please let your teacher(s) know so that we can address it.  Our goal is to provide a San Tan learning experience that does not cause you or your child great stress during these unprecedented times.

This morning was the beginning of our student-led announcements.  Aaron Chesko did a fabulous job recording them and there is great information in the video.  Please see the videos in the link below:

Morning Announcements Video

Ms. Warren’s Rap Video

I know that some families are going through extremely rough times right now.  If you need additional support during this time, here is a list of schools that are providing meals for those children under 18 years old. You can click on the school district and they will have a map showing what school in the area/district are providing meals.  There are also a few places that are giving out free meals at the beginning of this article.

AZ Family Story – Schools Providing Meals

It’s great to be a Roadrunner!