Rick Linquist

Rick Linquist

Math Teacher

My Bio

I’ll be beginning my 25th year of teaching middle and high school mathematics this fall (2022).   Taught high school mathematics in Montana at Chinook High School for twenty-one years.

After retiring and moving to Colorado, I found that I missed the classroom so I found a position at Prospect Ridge Academy in Broomfield.  That was my first experience in a public-charter school, and I really admired the level of excellence that was expected.

My wife’s career brought us to Gilbert, and I was hired mid-year here at San Tan.  I have enjoyed it here, and have been impressed by many of the same characteristics that struck me about my school in Colorado.

Birthday:   June 11th

My Favorite Things

Color(s):  Blue, green

Flower(s):   Canna lilies

Healthy Snack(s):   Jerky, smoked almonds

“Junk Food” Treat(s):   Chocolate of all kinds

Drink(s):   Sparkling waters – Bubly, LaCroix, etc.

Scent(s)/Essential Oil(s):  lavender, peppermint

Game(s):  learning cribbage

Sit-Down Restaurant(s):  Steakhouses

Fast Food Restaurant(s):  MacDonalds

Place(s) to Receive a Gift Card:  Starbucks

Most used school/office supply:  fine-tip pens

What I would really like is:  a random, unexpected, paid day off  :)

Heroes:  John Wayne

Hobbies:  hunting, fishing, woodworking, gardening