Students Enjoy Learning at San Tan


At STCS, it’s our priority to meet students at their own developmental readiness. This includes considering their interests and learning style so they have a successful experience at our school. Using data and observations, we’ll develop a personalized Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for your student that will help them better interact with their learning.

Each student’s ILP addresses their specific academic and emotional needs. Their ILP is revisited during parent-teacher conferences, when we’ll also collaborate with parents and students on homework levels and character goals.


The Montessori teaching philosophy is felt throughout various facets STCS. For example, we aim to keep homework to a minimum. In your student’s ILP, we’ll work together to choose an appropriate homework level depending on your child’s emotional, creative and intellectual development. Homework activities usually involve 20 minutes of daily reading and practicing math skills using real-world activities or technology.



Growing up, you might remember memorizing spelling word after spelling word for that weekly spelling test. At San Tan, we offer interactive ways to learn spelling in order to apply in reading, writing, and speaking. Teachers utilize Words Their Way to offer a hands-on, interactive approach to phonics, vocabulary, and spelling instruction.

Students are assessed on a spelling inventory in order to determine their developmental spelling stage. Then students utilize hands-on sorting activities in order to categorize words by their feature of study. There is also time built into literacy blocks where students have time to have fun with words in preparation for a formal or informal spelling assessments to show mastery.

At STCS, it’s important that our students have creative, interactive methods to learn. Recently, our 4th grade students learned about the x-axis and y-axis in a game of human battleship. Students worked collaboratively graphing coordinate planes in a life sized version of a childhood favorite game.

In our 5th and 6th grade Math & Science classes, students were learning about fractions and percents. To aid in their understanding of real-world use for these concepts, the students put on a bake sale. Our students did everything from baking the goods to figuring out taxes and profits. After the sale, the students earned almost $500 which they put towards new microscopes for their classroom.

Every grade at STCS has 1-2 field trips built into each year as an opportunity to learn new concepts and ideas outside of the classroom.

Field trips range from trips to the Phoenix Children’s Museum, Arizona Broadway Theater, overnight at the Phoenix Zoo, Tonto Creek, Science Camp in Prescott, and much more.


  • Love everything about this school. Students have their own individual learning plans. Couldn't ask for a better school for my child.

    Toria Conant, Parent
  • My granddaughter has excelled in this school. She loves to get up and be there.

    Shelia Beal, Grandparent
  • This school has been a blessing for our family. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this place. My daughter will graduate a Roadrunner!!!

    Challice Beal, Parent
  • So grateful to have found this school where all three of our kids will be able to go for K-12. Love the various classroom options and the Love and Logic used throughout the school. Thank you!

    April Malone, Parent
  • We’ve been very happy since moving our daughter to STCS two years ago. She feels very successful academically. Great supportive teachers and staff. We’ve had a great middle school experience and we’re looking forward to her joining the new campus.

    Shari Hopkins Parent of 7th grader
  • Great administration, great teachers, fun sports and activities, the gifted program and the mainstream program are both AMAZING. Been here for years, so glad we found the school. They are great educators. Highly recommend.

    Kerry Kenney Parent of student’s in 7th & 4th
  • Without a doubt best school in Gilbert! Caring staff and teachers! They always teach outside the box!

    Tiffany Chandler Parent
  • Between all 4 of my kids attending San Tan, we have officially been in every grade between K-12th!!! I have loved it all, and am so proud of how San Tan has grown…it just keeps getting BETTER!

    Jenny Larson Parent of students in 2nd, 4th, 10th, 12th
  • Great school. Truly has the kids education as the highest priority.

    Matt Johnson Parent


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