STCS Distance Learning Information


We understand that there may be unique challenges for students with disabilities and that this may be a stressful time for our families. Your child’s special education team will work to provide access to STCS’s distance learning framework, while supporting IEP goals and objectives to the greatest extent possible during these unprecedented times. See additional information on our Special Education Services page.


During distance learning time, our teachers will be asked to communicate expectations and daily assignments by 9 AM each school day. The teachers will have “office hours” from 9am-3pm, each day. Due to ever-evolving circumstances, please allow 24 hours for a thoughtful response from any member of our school district team.


Just as teachers emphasize in the classroom, while San Tan Charter School students are operating in a digital learning environment at home, they are expected to comply with district standards and use positive, respectful language. Making sure that students have appropriate space and materials for learning will help them organize, focus, and develop consistent study habits.


Given the Govenor’s and State Superintendent statements (subject to change), we are planning for the school year to end at its previously announced date of May 22nd. While districts are being encouraged to launch distance learning as soon as possible, flexibility regarding the 180-day requirement has been extended.).


If you are in need of technology or have technology questions, please email our Technology Help Desk

IT Help Desk


We have never experienced times like these in recent public education. It can be difficult to explain these circumstances to your children and discuss them as a family. The following links are meant to be helpful resources to you during this process.

Talking to Children About COVID-19 (National Association of School Psychologists)

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