Rose Lavagnino

Rose Lavagnino

Lunch Coordinator

My Bio

I am a self-love junkie who thrives in sunshine, green grass, and colored-filled skies! My three kids exhilarate my life and are a constant motivation to live fully in the moment. I crave the experience of life and try to fill it with as much evolving, discovery, love, and dance as possible!

Birthday: March 9th

These are a Few of my Favorite Things ........

Color(s): Blue. Green, purple

Flower(s): Orchids, daisies, and really

Healthy Snack(s): fruit and nuts

“Junk Food” Treat(s): ice cream, nutella

Drink(s) fruit smoothies

Game(s): Sports card games, group games

Sit-Down Restaurant(s): Texas Roadhouse, Café Zupas

Fast Food Restaurant(s): Canes, Jamba Juice, Costa Vida

Place(s) to Receive a Gift Card: Amazon, Forever 21, Walmart

Most used school/office supply: wash clothes, post-it-notes

What I would really like is: a Car : )

Heroes/Inspirations: Porangui, Ayla Nereo, Aurora

Hobbies: hiking, dancing, shutterfly, playing outside